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The following Tables give you quick results of the Hottest, Coldest, Best Position, Best Monthly, Best Day and other numbers drawn based on different criteria.

Use these numbers alone or in conjunction with the "Numbers Worksheet" under Toolkits to refine them according to your own preferences.

Some of the Numbers are NOT in order. The Free Ball is NOT included in the results.

When playing any Lottery, it's important to keep in mind the maximum amount of money that you want to spend. So only use a selection of the following - they're intended for groups who pool their money to buy lots of tickets.

Note: Observations from previous draws have indicated that although these numbers have high frequencies, the highest frequencies have rarely won the Jackpot.

The Numbers are updated after each draw and will likely change depending on the numbers drawn.

Hottest Numbers Overall13,30,35,5,17,16
Hottest Numbers For Past Year
Hottest Numbers for Past 2 Years
Hottest Numbers for Past 3 Years
Hottest Numbers For Positions 1 to 61,11,16,30,30,42
Hottest Numbers, Positions 1 to 6, Past Year
Hottest Numbers, Positions 1 to 6, Past 2 Years
Coldest Numbers28,31,20,38,2,42
Coldest Numbers For Past Year
Coldest Numbers For Past 2 Years
Hottest Numbers For Month ofJanuary8,41,16,24,26,39
Hottest Numbers, Past 3 Years, Month ofJanuary
Hottest Numbers Normally Drawn
on Day 13
Best Prime Numbers Overall13,5,17,37,41,19
Best Prime Numbers Over Past Year
Best Numbers From Sums 21 to 891,4,8,12,19,29
Best Numbers From Sums 90 to 991,8,12,17,22,29
Best Numbers From Sums 100 to 1093,6,13,22,23,35
Best Numbers From Sums 110 to 1191,8,16,18,25,42
Best Numbers From Sums 120 to 1294,14,17,23,30,37
Best Numbers From Sums 130 to 1391,17,19,30,35,41
Best Numbers From Sums 140 to 1499,13,23,29,35,41
Best Numbers From Sums 150 to 1595,12,24,30,33,42
Best Numbers From Sums 160 to 16915,19,25,32,38,41
Best Numbers From Sums 170 to 17912,24,28,35,37,42
Best Numbers From Sums 180 to 23719,25,31,35,40,42

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