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Privacy Policy

Processing Personal Data Responsible

Winforlifestats, with address at Antheon 2, Monovoliko,, Kato Polemidia, Limassol 4151, Cyprus and email: contact@Winforlifestats.com, will be responsible for your data personal (hereinafter, the "Data").

We inform you that when you make a comment on social networks through our Website, the person responsible for the Data you provide through them will be the corresponding social network and not Winforlifestats, and you will have to contact that social network to exercise, if applicable., your data protection rights that you can consult in the section What are the rights of protection of your personal data of its Privacy Policy.

To whom is this Privacy Policy applicable?

The use of Winforlifestats's Website as well as its features are not for minors under 14 years old and, therefore, they should refrain from providing any personal information. In this website, Winforlifestats recommends the use of its Website and its features to people over 18 years old. For this purpose, Winforlifestats reserves the right to check at any time the age of the users registered on its Website and its features.

Collection of personal information

Winforlifestats collects and record personal data of users who have registered on our Website or in our forms, as well as users who, not having registered, browse or consult them.

In this way, Winforlifestats gather and uses the data of the IP and other identifiers provided by the device from which you browse our Website or our features, while collecting that Data you provide at the time of registration as " User "of Winforlifestats, as well as those Data obtained as a consequence of your browsing, requests, publications, conversations, searches, participation contests and the derived Data, where appropriate, of the linking of your registration on our Website.

Additionally, if you give us your consent Winforlifestats will also use the location of your device to inform you about products and services that are closest to you, allowing you to enjoy our services in a complete way. 

What kind of data do we collect?

Winforlifestats only collects Data that are strictly necessary for the achievement of the purposes of obtaining them, which we detail in the section; For what purposes we treat your personal data? of this Privacy Policy. Because of this, in case you do not provide us with such Data, we will not be able to manage the requested registration, provide the requested service, provide you with the needed information, etc., which in each case might be applicable.

Likewise, we inform you that it is possible that in certain functionalities of our Website the navigation is used considering your location in order to provide you with the most relevant information in each case, as well as to offer certain services. Although browsing corresponding to the location, is always a user's choice, in those cases in which the user reject it, the Website and / or the Winforlifestats features will not be able to offer you the functionalities or provide the contents based on that location.  

For what purposes and with what legitimate basis do we collet your personal data?

In the event that you have not registered on our website and / or our Application, Winforlifestats will collet the Ip of your device for the following purposes:

- To know the origin of the downloaded content, carrying out treatment in response to our legitimate interest for the improvement of our commercial offer.

- Access your location while browsing our website or use our Application to show you services that may be of your interest. this will be carried out only if you consent for it, by accepting our Cookies Policy or the settings of your device. 

In the event that you have registered on our website, the purposes for which we will collet your Personal Data are: 

- Manage your registration and user preferences, as well as providing you with services of our website that you have requested. The basis of legitimacy that enables Winforlifestats to process your data for the present purpose is your application for registration.

- To ensure the proper use of our services and products, preventing illicit or contrary to our policy and values ??being carried out, and may even terminate your registration as a registered user. The basis for legitimizing such treatment is Winforlifestats's compliance with certain legal obligations, as well as the legitimate interest to protect our services and products.

- Show events and suggestions based on your tastes and preferences, keeping in mind that the aforementioned communications will always be about our products and services and our legitimate interest in improving the service offer.

- Track services processed through our Website. Winforlifestats carries out this treatment as a consequence of the acceptance on its part of the general contracting conditions made at the time of requesting the services requested.

- Manage complaints and inquiries about our Website, the legitimate basis of this treatment being the legal obligation of Winforlifestats in accordance with rules of defense of consumers and users. 

- If you have given us your express consent to this effect, we will communicate your data to third companies outside Winforlifestats, in order to show advertising adapted to your preferences for consumption and browsing of both products and services of your own, as well as third parties. Such treatment will only be carried out if you give us your consent for such.

For how long do we keep your personal data?

In the event that you have not registered on our website, the time of preservation of your personal data by Winforlifestats will be as follows:

- The treatment carried out of the IP or any other identifier of your device to know the origin of the download of our website will be carried out only at the moment in which said download takes place.

In the event that you have registered on our website, the Data we treat will be kept during the following periods:

- The data collected to allow you to register on our website will be kept as long as you do not close your account. 

- The data collected to manage your preferences as a user will be maintained as long as you do not oppose to such treatment. 

- Those data collected and processed to ensure the good use of our services will be retained until the corresponding verification action has been carried out.

- The data collected to show you segmented advertising will be used as long as you do not oppose such treatment.

- Those data collected to send you suggestions or events about our own services will be retained unless you register as a registered user and do not object to such treatment. 

- The data collected as a result of participation in events advertised by Winforlifestats will be kept for the purpose of informing you about new related events and even if you do not tell us otherwise.

- Those data obtained as a result of complaints or queries that may be sent to us will be kept until the corresponding complaint or inquiry has been resolved.

- The data relating to your browsing or consumption habits that we may have obtained from third parties will be maintained as long as you do not revoke the consent granted.

In general, when you unsubscribe as a Registered User of Winforlifestats, it will eliminate all the information available to you. However, Winforlifestats will keep purely statistical data on the use of its resources and tools by users.

With whom do we share your personal information?

As we have informed you, only, in case you give us your consent for it, Winforlifestats communicates your data to third companies outside our company.

On the other hand, third parties located outside the European Union may access your personal data for the sole purpose of providing services that are necessary to manage and offer our users our services and products. In this regard, we inform you that we only select the service providers that offer adequate guarantees of protection of your Data, being able to contact Winforlifestats for more information in this regard. 

What are your rights regarding the protection of personal data?

You may exercise your rights of access, rectification, deletion, opposition, limitation to the processing and portability of your Data, as well as the revocation, at any time, of the consents, where applicable, rendered before Winforlifestats, For your convenience, and without prejudice to the fulfillment of certain formal requirements established by the LOPD, Winforlifestats offers you the possibility of exercising the aforementioned rights through the e-mail: contact@Winforlifestats.com. 

Likewise, we remind you of the possibility of filing a complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Agency, especially when you consider that Winforlifestats has not duly fulfilled the exercise of your rights.